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Why FITTER is so important

Forum for Injection Technique & Therapy Expert Recommendations

What is FITTER?

It is the latest in a series of scientific seminars sponsored by BD to improve the management of Diabetes for healthcare professionals and patients around the world.

It took place in the Hotel Crown Plaza, Rome, Italy, from October 23rd to 25th, 2015.

Vision & Mission

FITTER seeks to promote evidence based clinical best practice, safety and self-care of diabetes injectable and infused therapies which will lead to improved health outcomes, well-being, lower healthcare costs and reduced burden on care providers and wider society.

The congress marked a major milestone in the history of diabetes care, bringing about a paradigm shift where Injection and Infusion Technique is regarded as important as insulin, diet and activity.

FITTER provides all clinicians who care for people with diabetes using injectable therapies with the most up-to-date clinical evidence, analysis of the results of the largest injection technique study in the world and the ‘new’ international injection technique recommendations, delivered to the highest academic and scientific standards.

Full implementation of the ‘new’ International Injection Technique Recommendations could help patients to:

  • Achieve their HbA1c targets
  • Reduce the incidence of lipohypertrophy
  • Reduce their excess insulin use
  • Avoid complications
  • Improve their health outcomes

New recommendations are based on the results of the largest injection technique study in the world, organized by BD with 13,264 respondents from 42 countries. By learning from best practice globally, healthcare professionals may be better placed to help their patients.

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