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Unexplained hypoglycaemia and glycaemic variation in patients with diabetes using insulin pen devices and syringes

The following reference tool may help you resolve unexplained hypoglycaemia and glycaemic variation. Answer each question with a yes or no. If your answer is yes, you will move to the next question. If you answer no, guidance is given.


Are your patient's injection sites healthy?

  • Free from lipohypertrophy?
  • Free from lipoatrophy?
  • Free from oedema?
  • Free from Inflammation and / or infection?
  • Consider amount of subcutaneous tissue at injection site, is it sufficient for the needle length being used?
  1. The First UK Injection Technique Recommendations
    4th Edition 2016
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  2. This guide is intended to support clinicians to develop a systematic approach to managing unexplained hypoglycaemia and glycaemic variation.
    It is not intended to use with a specific patient and does not replace medical or nursing assessment and treatment.
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