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FITTER Insulin Delivery Survey

Worldwide Injection Technique Survey

This is the third Insulin Injection Technique survey to have taken place and is the largest and broadest yet, covering 41 countries worldwide with over 13000 questionnaires completed.

Specific objectives of this survey

  • Understand the epidemiologic profiles for the major injection parameters
  • Determine the major causes of variability in injection technique, their ranking and their interactions and
  • Query the patients perception of the injection process, including the psychological, social and economic challenges


The results

  • Results were analysed and discussed at FITTER congress
  • The results influenced the drafting of our international Injection Technique, Safety and Infusion Recommendations
  • The studies have been published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Journal. Click here and here to access the studies.

FITTER ITQ Survey Injection Technique

FITTER ITQ Survey Return by Country

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List of the Worldwide Injection Techniques Questionnaire (ITQ) - RESULTS:

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List of the Worldwide Injection Technique Questionnaire (ITQ) - FORMS (all languages):

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List of the Worldwide Injection Technique Questionnaire (ITQ) - STUDIES FOR PUBLICATION:

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Infusion Survey

Multinational 'Insulin Infusion Set' Survey

A multinational survey was recently conducted on insulin pump users to investigate rates of metabolic and non-metabolic complications associated with infusion set use. The survey was distributed to patients and healthcare practitioners in the US, Canada, Germany, and France. In addition to the survey, healthcare practitioners also conducted a physical assessment of patients, as well as a review of their insulin pumps and patient charts. This data will help to reinforce the need to make infusion sets a greater part of the pump therapy discussion.

The findings of the survey were presented at FITTER by Phyllis Wolff, a leading diabetes expert with extensive experience working with patients who use insulin pumps.

Reviewed studies

List of references used to establish the new FITTER recommendations:

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