Benefits for Health System

  • Based on available data, the cost burden of diabetes and its complications in Europe is significant and growing. In many countries, diabetes is responsible for more than 10% of total healthcare spending1. Insulin delivery complications such as:

    • Emergency care
    • Unplanned admissions to hospital
    • More frequent GP and Nurse visits
    • Increased referrals to specialist care
    • Time off work

    will make a significant contribution to the overall cost.

  • Examples of cost (estimated average cost Europe)

    • Ambulance attendance for hypoglycaemia £2632
    • Foot care - England and Wales3
      • Foot ulceration:
        • Direct inpatient cost £19,383,505
        • Community and outpatient costs £150,063,769
      • Minor amputation:
        • Direct inpatient cost £13,497,572
      • Major amputation:
        • Direct inpatient cost £13,134,651
  • The cost of diabetes associated foot ulcers and amputations to England and Wales NHS is estimated to be £196,079,497

    • Diabetes associated kidney failure– England and Wales4, 5
      • Haemodialysis £187,687,579
      • Kidney transplant £60,442,480
  • The cost of diabetes associated kidney failure to England and Wales NHS is estimated to be £248,130,055

    • May help improve clinical outcomes with lower overall costs.

      • Patients with lipohypertrophy, compared with those without, use on average 15 units of insulin per day more.6
      • Following multimodal injection technique intervention, patients reduced insulin usage by 2 units per day and lowered HbA1c by 0,58%7
        Measurable Clinical Imorovements


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